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18 –19 March 2018, 6.00-6.00 pm

24 hours with an occupation happened somewhere some time ago

24 hours Happening

With Paloma Ayala, Max Heinrich, Ziqi Jiang, Stefanie Knobel, Aurelie Mermod, Miwa Negoro, Angi Nend, Gerald Raunig, Romy Rüegger, Gabrielle Schaad, Dimitrina Sevova, Gregor Vogel, and Yamu Wang Special thanks to Denis Twerenbold and Gregor Vogel
Special thanks to Denis Twerenbold and Gregor Vogel


Sunday, 18 March
6–8pm: Angi
8–10pm: Ziqi
10–12pm: Dimitrina

Monday, 19 March
00–02am: Gerald
02–04am: Stefanie
04–06am: Gregor
06–08am: Miwa
08–10am: Paloma
10 –12am: Max
12am–2pm: Gabrielle
2–4pm: Romy
4–6pm: Aurelie


Two years ago, I finished six videos about a certain occupation and situated them on YouTube. As March 18 marks the anniversary of the initiation of that occupation, I would like to reactivate and reflect upon what I have been doing with respect to that project by conducting a 24-hour event, where twelve friends are invited to spend two hours with me, one after another. I told them that our conversation could be a marathon of discussions revolving around the videos and their related issues, but I am also open to their proposals on how to spend this two hours together in this framework. Just like you, I have no idea how the program will unfold.

From my side, what interests me in this way of gathering is that I might go through a similar bodily experience, like those of the protesters who occupied and then stayed in the parliament for quite a long time. It was the same logic two years ago, when I made those six video performances late at night, in an overheated enclosed room. Before any appeal is made, I feel taking to the streets is itself first a bodily experience. And speaking, strangely, can also be a way to induce and reveal those of the unspeakable, I think.
I would also like to think that the people who agree to come are like those supporters or sympathisers of the protest, and this project space could become a site where personal accounts are resonant, responded to, remembered, reformulated, time and again.

The gathering would like you to be part of it. Come and go as you feel like, but please do come.
Bring food and beverage. Wear comfortable clothing. Sleep bags are welcome.

Talk soon,

ps. link to the videos mentioned


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