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7 Dec 2020–3 Jan 2021

Wave Residency II

artist in residency: Irene Gazzillo

Cared for by Domenico Ermanno Roberti

Irene Gazzillo (*1989, lives and works in Chur and Basel, CH)

After leaving a job at the Graubünden theater festival Origen to focus on her personal artistic research with a residency at Kunstluft (CH), due to the COVID-19 pandemic Irene suddenly found herself without work or a place to develop her own projects.

At OnCurating space, the residence debuts with the reactualization of an installation previously presented in Riom(CH) and dedicated to the soul searching journey of the protagonist of the medieval epic poem Parzival. Through a collaboration with the perfomer Antonis Michalopoulos, the psychogeographies created by Irene leave behind the texts of Wolfram von Eschenbach, becoming the setting for new narratives guided by the movements of performers and audiences within the space.

Working with large scale installations, sculptures and drawings, her practice focuses on the transposition of the physical, immaterial and poetic experience of space. Between fragility, ephemerality and close observation, Irene manipulates perception to generate a disconnection from the present space and time, catalysing moments of introspection.